• My name is Sonny Y Soeharso

    Accredited Business Psychology Consultant in Indonesia

Consulting for small and medium sized business –
professional, fast, affordable


Clients will know the behavior of their employees and consumers both services and goods, customer favorite trends, customer demographics, who are the customers and employees who most contribute to your sales and income.


The impact of training and the success of the program launched by the organization both for employees and for customers and the extent of their satisfaction with service products and company management.


We can assist in organizational development and business expansion, for existing and new markets

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1.) We talk about your business

Hoping that the business you are building will be great and provide the best results, is our specialty in providing every input to success.

2.) I crunch the numbers

Every number that arises from your business career is a concern for us, so that every business decision taken is a good decision for your business.

3.) You get a list of improvements

The business career journey is not easy, but we will give you every development from improving your business progress.

4.) We let the journey begin

We make sure you will not hesitate in making a decision, every policy that is implemented becomes a history of your business career for the present and future.

A little bit about me
and my previous work


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Business Psychology and Industrial Relations – University of Indonesia.
  • National Leader Qualification, Social & Culture –  National Resilience Institute of The Republic of Indonesia.

Previous Employers

  • Managing Partner
  • Managing Director
  • Business Psychology Lecturer – Pancasila University
  • Dean of the Faculty of Psychology – Pancasila University



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