Dr. Sonny Y. Soeharso, Business psychologists
Pancasila University Faculty of psychology lecturer

In each lecture I say that every human being born through the womb of a mother must be produced from a rivalry between hundreds of thousands of seed from the father who is able to penetrate the egg from the mother, only one or two Were. People are born from a competition, so people need not be afraid to face competition anywhere, so it is in the business. Business people like to dislike, inevitably will enter the arena of business competition. How prepared are we?

Increasingly sharp business competition demands that organisations/companies are professionally managed to survive and continue to thrive in the long term. In addition to the capital technology, finance, operating system and of course the human resource is the deciding factor. Well, there is no denying that the quality of human resources significantly determines the success of a company. Surveys and research have also shown that companies hiring “good-character” and competence will be able to perform excelling and become “drivers” for the sustainability of an organization/company.

The problem is that many companies have hired “superior” but still are not able to excel as the company’s management wants. In fact, the company has conducted a test/assessment of competence (which is not cheap) for the candidates both from inside and outside the organization/company. In fact, not a few companies that hijacked employees “superior” from other companies in hopes of being able to boost the performance of the company. Are you satisfied with the company’s owners? The answer hasn’t!

The question is why does that happen? For sure, there are other factors that also play a role to actualize and optimise a person’s competence in order to show their performance. In the perspective of psychology is not enough just “good character” and competent only, but there is another factor called psychological capital or often referred to as “PsyCap”. The positive competencies and PsyCap will lead the employees to Excel.

In 2007, Luthans, psychologists and Friends (DKK) introduced the concept of PsyCap. This concept is in fact a development of positive organisational behavior (Positive OB) that emphasizes the application of strengths or strengths (positive things) in human resources in order to encourage competence to function optimally in Show its performance. In other words PsyCap serves as the “pusher machine” so that “competence” can work optimally. As a water pump machine, competence is the ability to suck water from within the ground to the top of the water container toren, but in order that water can play its role as cleaning material for car wash or motor is required “pusher” to be the strength and firmness Water pressure is increasingly effective for clearing dirt.

According to Luthans et al there are four (4) dimensions/aspects of psychological capital which I refer to as HERO (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, optimism):

Firstly, hope (hope). Every human being has hopes and needs even a desire to the management of the company. But instead of putting a personal interest but a hope for success and successful that is embodied in an attempt of totality and “enggaged” towards the vision, the mission of the company, stay afloat and focus on the target and if necessary find a way Other (creative) so that the goal/objective can be achieved. Hope here so that the company can operate in the long term thus automatic personal expectations can be fulfilled.

Secondly, confidence in self-efficacy, which is a hard effort to overcome challenges on task and environment. The confidence is associated with a task mastery and social pressure mastery. So, employees with confidence will strive to succeed in completing their duties due diligence and persistence in trying to achieve their best achievements. He is able to scan the social environment and confidently have his ability to create targets and targets and dreams that he wants.

Thirdly, endurance (resilience) is the ability to endure difficulties and challenges to achieve goals. The fact shows not everyone has high endurance in the face of challenges. As a result, many of them are desperate, not even eager to reach the dreams. In this dimension needed not a smart human resources but spoiled and mushy but human resources are clever and “resilient”. Whatever prevents the achievement of the target will be ready to be faced and arranged, even with very limited resources.

Fourth, optimism is an optimistic attitude towards the success of the present or future. An optimistic employee will always hope that something good will happen. That optimistic attitude will encourage and influence it to strive to achieve success. The high optimism is also made from the expectation of a better future, not the opposite, pessimistic and always complaining to see the state of the self and its environment.

The four psychological capital is believed to be able to contribute positively as a motivator in a person so that the competence he has can be functioned well so that he can perform optimally and excelling. In a strict business competition, especially in the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution (IOT) with the turbulence of the full business environment “VUCA” (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexcity and Ambiguity) The quality of human resources (hard skills and soft skills) Determining the continuity of life and success of the company, in addition to the management of human resources itself.

Competence is the absolute condition, being an integral part of the human capital, but the psychological capital needs to be heeded so that both become a superior capital. The company always needs to conduct the employee’s psychological capital diagnostics and be able to manage it appropriately. The goal is to ensure achievement of company objectives.

Strong psychological capital makes employees firmly committed to their work. This commitment is characterized among other willingness to work hard and not succumb to the difficulties, involvement, enthusiasm and full concentrate in the work. Employees who are committed to their work will be very engrossed and passionate about working, even as if not thinking about the working time and reward he receives. They work “totality” and are not “Itung-itungan”. They worked earnestly, diligently, persistently, seriously but cheerfully. To know a person, a strong PsyCap should be conducted in-depth tests and interviews as an integral part of the recruitment process using the Assessment Centre (AC) method. Hopefully this article is useful for Masters trainers, Widyaiswara, professional Facilitator, teachers and lecturers and business practitioners who are interested in the role of psychological capital in gaining competitiveness in business competition.